Launched in the Fall of 2023, Saints Sports Network (SSN) branched out from BDHS Media Productions. SSN broadcasts extra curriculars including all football and home varsity basketball double-headers, livestreams baseball, and more. Games were broadcast live for tens of thousands of viewers during the season and archived for review at any time. Consisting of professional media personnel, school staff, dedicated volunteers, and students, SSN offers a unique opportunity for our Saints to learn broadcasting and equipment basics while delivering a quality media experience.

The commercial packages on SSN paired with ads on the Jumbotron as well as new website and social media platforms now allow Saints Athletics to offer a variety of complete advertising packages. We are still offering introductory pricing for the remainder of the school year. Reserve your promotional package and support Saints Athletics at the same time! Pricing will go up in July, so lock in next season now! Thank you for all your support and Go Saints!

Athletics Packages

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